Monday, June 28, 2010

Little Swimmers

I woke up this morning with Ashley jumping on the bed. She said, "Let's go swimming today!" So I got up on this fine Sunday morning and put on my swimmers and followed out Ash who was already at the pool laying on a lounge chair. I soaked up the sun for a little while and then jumped in to cool off my baking skin. Ash jumped in too after awhile and we talked about going to Adult Swim. Finally we got out and made some yummy tacos. They were so good! Then we fell asleep for a few hours and again I woke up to Ashley jumping on the bed. I got up and took back Sherlock Holmes and got Ash Valentine's day which she really wanted to see. When I got back I made her some nachos and a bowl of green chocolate chip ice cream and we watched the movie. It was alright for a mushy girl movie. Ashley kept asking me if I was crying because she cried like 6 times. SHEESH!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pei Wei, or so they say
Kung pao beef and rice
yes, it was quite nice
but the pad thai?
oh my my my!
we talked and looked
into each other's eyes
we blinked
we sighed
Wanna get some couple's pictures?
you be the catcher and I'll be the pitcher
up at bat is where it's at
if you got the balls
I know a photographer
who's not a pornographer
not that that wouldn't be a hoot
but we couldn't show my mom that photo shoot...
Ok, it' will be cute!